Wax in cosmetics

Wax in cosmetics

Wax is also widely used in cosmetics. It is a part of nutritious, astringent, cleansing, bleaching creams, face masks, in many cosmetic preparations and is an excellent thickening base for creams, lipsticks, etc. Wax is perfectly absorbed by the skin and gives it a smooth and gentle look.

A popular cleansing cream uses the following composition: wax – 6 g, borax – 0.5, peach oil – 27.5, water 16 g; or nourishing cream: wax – 3 g, spermaceta – 6, peach oil – 24, glycerin – 4 g; cream for oily skin: wax – 5 g, ammonia – 5, water – 7,5 g.

The composition of nutrient masks: wax – 50 g, honey – 70 g, juice from one bulb of white lily. Astringents: wax-10 g, peach oil-10, lanolin-10, petroleum jelly -50, zinc sulphate-0.5, bismuth nitrate-1, zinc oxide-8 g. Such masks protect the skin from drying out, keep moisture well.

A recipe for anti-wrinkle cream is proposed: 30 g of wax, 30 grams of honey, 30 g of onion juice. The cream is prepared in clay or porcelain utensils, where all components are placed and heated until the wax melts, then mixed with a wooden spatula until completely cooled. On a face washed with warm water, apply a lot of cream and after 25-30 minutes remove excess cream with a soft napkin or a clean linen towel.

Widely known are high-quality industrial creams containing wax: “Nutritional” (wax, lanolin, spermaceti, stone oil, water); “Spermacetovy” – (wax, lanolin, spermaceti, stone oil, perfume oil, water); “Almond” (wax, lanolin, spermaceti, stone oil, water); “Emerald” (wax, animal and vegetable fats, pentol, water); “Lights of Moscow” (wax, lanolin, sperm whortleberry, stone oil, perfume oil, cholesterol, emulsifier).

Cosmetic creams contain wax and biologically active plant substances: “Biocream” (wax, stone oil, sperm whortleberry, lanolin, emulsifier, camomile infusion, lime color, horsetail); “Biocream WTO” (wax, stone oil, sperm whales, lanolin, pentol, camomile infusion, lime blossom, horsetail, fragrance); “Chamomile” (wax, lanolin, spermaceti, stone oil, water infusion of chamomile, emulsifier); “Trembita” (wax, lanolin, stone oil, cocoa butter, high-molecular alcohols, water); “Lux” (wax, stone oil, spermaceti), etc.

Even from this incomplete list of cosmetic creams you can see how important wax is in mediucine and cosmetics.

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Wax in cosmetics