Methods of increasing the amount of wax from bee colonies

In the system of measures to increase the waxy products of the apiary, timely nest change is very important. This method is widely used by many beekeepers. However, the timely replacement of nests, being the

Wax processing

But it is not enough just to collect wax raw materials. It is necessary to process it even in time for wax. Normally rejected old dry land is re-heated 2-3 times per season. But the

Properties of wax

Remarkable properties of wax attracted the attention of man in ancient times. It is established that in ancient Egypt it was widely used in sacrifices. In ancient Rome and Greece, wax candles burned in the

Calculation of gross and commercial output of wax

It is necessary to keep records of not only the total amount of wax in the whole apiary, but also take into account the productivity per wax of each family. At the same time, it


Economic importance of wax The value of beeswax for the national economy is extremely large. Thanks to a number of valuable properties, beeswax is the most important raw material for the socialist industry, and is

The wax balance of the apiary

To determine the degree of voskoobespechennosti apiary and determine the overall increase in wax for the beekeeping season is made wax balance apiary. It is made on the basis of the acts of the spring

Use of wax

Apply wax in many areas of industry. But it has the greatest importance in the production of an artificial honeycomb, which is the basis of honeycomb construction and stimulates bees to increase the allocation of

Application and use of wax

Moscow candy factory “Red October” produces honey caramel “Pchelka” and “Golden Hive”. These candies are in great demand among the population. They are relatively large honey cells, preserving in their natural form a small amount

Chemical composition of wax

The composition of the wax includes about 50 chemical compounds, among which up to 75% of complex fats, 12-15% of limit carbohydrates and 13-15% of free fatty acids. Wax also contains trace elements, substances that

Wax in cosmetics

Wax is also widely used in cosmetics. It is a part of nutritious, astringent, cleansing, bleaching creams, face masks, in many cosmetic preparations and is an excellent thickening base for creams, lipsticks, etc. Wax is

The composition of beeswax

Beeswax – a product produced by the bees waxes – is a complex chemical substance, which has not been fully studied in our days. The structure of beeswax (in the future we will only talk

Wax productivity of the apiary

The increase in wax productivity is very important, and for many apiaries of Ukraine – the main link in their work. In order to achieve an increase in the yield of wax in the apiary,

Making bees wax

Wax is a product of the secretion of the wax glands of worker bees, which are placed in pairs on four segments in the lower part of the abdomen, and is released through the small

Quality of wax

The quality of the wax depends on the raw materials, method and processing conditions of processing. Its physical state depends on the presence of impurities, temperature, storage conditions. When processing raw materials, especially of poor