Carrot honey

Carrot honey

On the apiary of the strong point of the scientific research station of beekeeping, the author conducted experiments on obtaining carrot honey.

The doctor successfully applied carrot juice in the treatment of wounds and proved its high bactericidal properties. Red carrots contain a large amount of sugar and is also a good source of calcium, phosphorus, iron and especially vitamins. It can be called a remarkable concentrate of almost all currently known vitamins. Red carrots contain carotene (provitamin A), aneurine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), etc.

Researchers point out that riboflavin has the ability to enhance the protective properties of the body in relation to infectious diseases.

Carrots contain pantothenic acid, which plays a large role in the animal body, as it participates in carbohydrate metabolism.

In carrots found nicotinic acid (vitamin PP), hesperidin and citrine (vitamin P, provitamin D) antihemorrhagic vitamin (vitamin K), a lot of biotin (vitamin H) and other, not yet studied vitamins.

Widespread popularity of raw carrot juice. Carrot juice is used with success as a diuretic, against kidney stones, with anemia and other diseases.

To get carrot honey, the juice was carefully squeezed out of the red carrot, sugar was added to it, and this artificial nectar was put on bees.

Bees willingly processed sweet carrot juice, removing excess water, adding various enzymes, organic acids, inhibitors, etc., filling the honeycomb cells with carrot honey.

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Carrot honey