Multivitamin honey

Multivitamin honey

To obtain honey containing various vitamins, sweet solutions were made from rose hips, which contains a large number of vitamins C, B, E, A (carotene), from juices of various vegetables and in some cases from synthetic vitamin preparations. Bees produced from artificial multivitamin solution honey, which contained not only a complex of vitamins, but also glucose, enzymes, organic acids and other substances.

The production of honey containing several vitamins is extremely important because such a product contains many high-grade sugars (glucose, levulose) and is a good preservative for preserving the activity of vitamins, primarily vitamin C. From the varieties of vitamin and multivitamin honey obtained by the author, many The samples were examined in the laboratory, and vitamin activity was established in them.

The following amounts (mg) of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) were found in them per 1 kg of honey: in

vitamin (No. 1) -188; vitamin (№2) – 217; fitin-lily-su-vitamin-322; mammo-vitamin-51,2; searsol-vitamin – 97,8; atopan-vitamin – 61,6; iron-cocoa-milk-egg-vitamin – 142.4; coffee-milk-vitamin-94,4; creamy-vitamin-52; vitamins and vitamins – 237; protein-polyv-tamine – 760.

When studying some varieties of honey for the content of vitamins B1 and A (carotene) in them, it turned out that the latter are present in rather large quantities in these varieties.

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Multivitamin honey