The first purchase of bees

The first purchase of beesIf you decide to get bees, it’s best to do it in the spring. Buying bees, the first thing you should pay attention to is the presence of several young fetuses.

The family should also be strong enough, as indicated by the presence of 6-12 streets, and have a fresh nest. If the beehive is acquired shortly before the start of the honey collection period, it should have at least five frames of printed brood and sufficient forage stock.

Of course, you can buy bees not only in the hive, but also in a special honeycomb package, which will be cheaper, but it is unlikely that you will be able to get an income from such a family in the year of purchase.

There is also an option for the acquisition of bees in cell-free packages. In fact, families in such packages are small swarms, and are more suitable for strengthening existing hives.

In the process of buying bees, it is necessary to participate in zootechnics, an expert on beekeeping. He will be able to make a qualitative selection of bees and after carrying out veterinary and sanitary examination, will issue the necessary documents. When looking for such a specialist, you should contact the beekeeper or the society of beekeepers.

Of course, attracting specialists entails additional financial expenses, but this is justified, because if you purchase bees in May, then with a competent choice, all expenses will pay off already this year. Subsequently, it will also be necessary to bear some costs associated with expansion and arrangement, but they are usually less significant and a good family of bees easily compensates them.

There are still some materials that will be superfluous in beekeeping, but if there is no possibility for their purchase at first, you can not spend on them. Hibernation of bees can be arranged in an available room, honey should be stored in a home container, frames must be kept in spare hives, etc.

Over time, increasing the experience and income from beekeeping, you can also increase your tool kit: checkweigher, apiary trolley, nomad booth, electric device for framing frames and many other optional but very useful tools.

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The first purchase of bees