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Rotary mechanism of solar wax-furnace

Tip 1 It is known that the efficiency of the solar wax-up depends on the degree of illumination and the angle of incidence of the sun’s rays. To do this, it is made beveled to

The swarm on a prievo in non-flying weather

Many beekeepers are interested in how long a bee swarm can be. I’ll tell you about one of my practices. In the beginning of July in the evening a shepherd came to me and informed

History of beekeeping

The history of beekeeping began with the so-called “wild” beekeeping. This is an organized hunt for honey. Remains of “wild” beekeeping are found in India, Mountain Shoria, etc. The first mention of beekeeping is associated

Handle for working with hives

Tip 1 When forming the nests, the work is greatly facilitated by the legend on the framework. It is very convenient to mark them with colored plastic buttons with the corresponding letter designations. So, I

Roller for printing out honeycombs

It is known that it is necessary to unpack honey combs not only during pumping honey, but also when replenishing feed stocks in the early spring and autumn. Printing with an apiary knife or fork

Quality honeycombs

To always have quality honeycombs at hand, I use the building capabilities of bees. Since the flowering gardens in each family I place first one frame with a honeycomb, and with the growth of the

Mounting the honeycomb in the center of the frame

Tip 1 It is known how difficult it is to preserve pear-comb honeycombs. I do this. Honeycombs in which there are sites of spoiled perga, for two or three hours flooded with water, heated to

Carefully snakes

In early August, I transported bees from sunflower to tobacco. The field of tobacco was near the forest. Apiary placed in a clearing. During the inspection, the hives in one of them suddenly discovered a

How to avoid stinging

The occupation of beekeeping brings pleasure to the owner of the apiary, but his neighbors are not always happy with it. The beekeeper himself must find the way out of the conflict situations that arise.

Sweater from the stings of bees

For several years now I have kept my bees in the pavilion. It is convenient to work in it, but on a hot summer day, air inside a closed pavilion, which has a metal outer