Honey storage

Honey storage

High nutritional and medicinal properties of honey are well preserved for decades in certain conditions.

Honey is very hygroscopic, so when stored in a moist place absorbs moisture and sour. Open dishes with honey should not be kept near hygroscopic products that help maintain moisture in the air (salt), as they accelerate the fermentation of honey.

The best storage temperature of honey is 5-10 њ C, at 11-19 њ C it can ferment.

Prepackaged honey should be kept in a dark place, as light worsens its quality, and it quickly darkens.

You can not use capacity for honey from zinc, copper, lead and their alloys. Under the influence of acids, which are contained in honey, these materials form chemical compounds that can cause severe poisoning. The iron container is also not suitable. Due to the corrosion of iron with prolonged contact with honey acids, it acquires an unpleasant taste and odor.

Containers for honey should be wooden, glass, clay, plastic. The most suitable rocks for making such containers are linden, aspen, spruce, poplar, etc. Use a tree with a moisture content of no more than 18-20% (corresponding to the water content in honey). Juniper and pine contain tar, which honey absorbs. In the oak container, it turns black.

The container in which honey is stored should be absolutely clean. You can not pour honey into uncleaned containers under the excuse that honey was stored in it. A film of obsolete honey promotes the fermentation of a new one, as a result of which its taste and smell deteriorates sharply.

Banks with honey can not be kept near products that have a sharp smell (paints, fuels, essences, etc.), because honey quickly gets the smell of these substances.

Sugared honey, if desired, can be turned into a rare, heating it on a water dome (water temperature not higher than 60 њ C). Do not heat honey on an open fire, because at 60 њ C

enzymes are destroyed and honey loses its valuable properties. In addition, heat only the amount of honey that you need, as heated honey quickly begins to wander.

Sometimes when storing honey, there are two layers – a crystallized bottom, and a damp top. This means that honey is immature, with increased moisture and unsuitable for long-term storage.

With proper storage and honeycomb honey can not deteriorate very long (even for several centuries), since it has pronounced disinfecting properties, detrimental to many microbes and mushroomed fungi.

Laying honey for storage, it is necessary to take into account his property considerably expand from heat and decrease in volume from the cold. So, do not overfill the container with honey.

Packed into glass jars honey, which is commercially available, – a defective product because it is prepared by heating the honey which sugar, water bath temperature of 50-60 њ C, whereby it loses its valuable properties.

Different types of honey have different healing and nutritional qualities. Hence it is very important that a glass container, which is implemented in the honey trade, were given a variety of honey, year of manufacture, origin, place of gathering. The same applies to honeydew honey.

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Honey storage