How to remove a swarm

How to remove a swarm

Fig. 25. Roevnia with a swarm.

Roy can be caught. To do this, there is a special device – roevnia. Opening side of her lead to the bees and shake them. Do not fall into the rovnyu bees carefully collected in a wooden scoop and poured into it. Immediately, where the swarm was sitting, the rover is hung for some bitches. The remaining bees will gradually join the swarm. They are driven by smoke. Once the bees are gathered, the rover is carefully closed and taken to a dark and cool place. Here the swarm will calm down and cool down.

For the new family, they prepare a hive and set it up in a convenient place. A nest for the big one. swarm are made up of two hulls of a multi-hull.

At the end of the day, a swarm is planted in a beehive. To do this, a piece of plywood sheet or specially made gangway is pinned to the tap – a tray length of 70 cm and a width in the front wall of the hive. The bees are taken from a file by a wooden scoop and gently poured onto the gangway. First, closer to the tap, then, as soon as they start to go into the hive, – away. Do this to make the bees feel like they are entering a natural home: after all, you can only enter the hollow through a small hole.

Gradually, one after another, in small steps, lifting the abdomen, the bees go to the hive, strongly rubbing. Among them you can see the uterus. She usually hurriedly, overtaking other bees, making her way to the tap, guided by the special sound and smell that they emit, indicating the direction.

After the bulk of the bees enter their new home, the remaining people are shaken out of the quarry. Roy immediately, without delay, begins to bring the dwelling in order, to settle it. Even during the night he manages to rebuild a part of the nest, and in the morning before his other bees, busy and caring, are already acquainting themselves with the terrain, looking for flowers. But if,

after entering the hive, the swarm subsided, hid, as if it was not there at all, and the bees do not fly in the morning, then as soon as the sun warms, he will leave. Something he did not like the new room. Especially do not like swarms of small apartments. Apparently, they are able to determine the volume. After all, in a close dwelling you will not grow many bees, you will not place much honey. And if you do not, you will perish. The instinct of self-preservation and forces them to leave this unsuitable home.

The swarm consists of physically strong young bees. In their native nest, they did not take part in any work, they saved their energy and energy in order to use them in a new place. Nature here also acts wisely. The parental family protected its child. Therefore, being in a hollow where there are no honeycombs, no food, no brood, swarm with unusual zeal begins to create a nest, store food, grow offspring.

To help a young family who started her independent life, 2-3 frames are placed in the hive with food and brood, the rest with empty honeycombs and honey. This is good support. The bee is rebuilt very quickly.

Roy is a hero who can perform a large amount of various works. During the summer he procures his food for the winter, and under especially favorable conditions he sometimes collects more than he needs. This extra honey can be taken from him.

The loss of a swarm is a loss of at least 20 kg of honey and 10 honeycombs. Therefore, in the time of swarming, it is necessary to closely monitor the status of families.

To swarms do not fly away, the queens are cut right or left wing about half. Take the uterus gently for the breast or better for the front legs, and not for the abdomen, so as not to crumple it. A human womb never stings, so it is not dangerous at all.

Hold the uterus by the legs with the index and thumbs of the left hand, with a sharp little scissors cut the wing. With such a truncated wing, it can not fly, and when it leaves the hive with a swarm, it immediately falls into the grass. Released and flying swarm without a uterus returns home, in the old nest. A small group of bees discovers the uterus and adjoins it. They feed and warm it. The beekeeper discovers the uterus with a handful of bees near the hive and takes measures to the swarm family.

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How to remove a swarm