Collapsible beekeeper’s house

Collapsible beekeepers house

Diagram of a collapsible beekeeper’s house:

Collapsible beekeepers house

A is a general view; b – front wall: 1 – folding table; 2 – a window on the turntable; c and d – side walls: 1 – shield-bed; d – house layout (top view): 1 – honey extractor: 2 – hatch through which the canister is put; 3 – shield-bed; 4 – folding bed support; 5 – lags, to which nailed floorboards, exposed on the level of the blocks or bricks to a height of 45-50 mm.

Rarely what a beekeeper does not roam with an apiary. From the first day of travel, there is a need for shelter. It is necessary to hide the inventory and even to find shelter from the rain. Not everywhere there is material for the construction of a hut. In addition, it is not convenient: the fly flies, it’s cold. I made a mini-house, which is easily and quickly compiled and convenient for transportation along with the hives. On the level take four points, which put wooden logs 45-50 cm high under the floor of the house. On the logs put the floor on the level and mark the opening of the hatch on the ground, respectively, the size of which digs a hole of such depth that over the can in the cabin to put honey. When the hole is excavated, make up a house.

On the edge of the floor is put a curtained front wall with a window and a trailing door. First you need to put the honey to your place, and then the trailing and rear walls. At the corners of the walls, at the bottom and on top, pull the wire by hooking it over the nails hammered into the ramshanks. Two shields in the trailing walls lay the shield-bed. From below the support is reclining. And only after this is laid a single-pitched roof, in the front wall of which a board 15 cm wide through the entire length is nailed, into which the rampstones of the front wall are fixed.

One board

serves as a shelf, on the delivery of the three walls of the roof are stuffed slats, into which these walls are leaning. In the roof there are two on each side of the hole, retracted by a grid of 30 mm in diameter.

Portable highchair, a box for honeycombs, etc. are placed under the bed. The floor is covered with linoleum. The honey extractor stands on the floor between the front wall and the bed, and therefore does not swing during work. This is facilitated by the fact that on the floor on the bottom of the honey heap nailed. So that when the honey is pumped out, the bees do not fly into the house, it is advisable to cover the hatch in the field with a metal lid and shut the door. The window is used for convenience on the turntable.

A small inner lock is inserted in the door. Shields of this house with ramshtoks 4X2.5 cm and upholstered with pressed cardboard (orgalite) and painted from the inside by white, and from the outside with green oil paint. In this house, and even on an inflatable mattress is a good rest, especially when the roof is tapping rain. And if you have a battery, you have the opportunity to light the room in the evenings.

The house is designed for a single man to rest at night and on three to sit. Under the house is willingly placed your assistant dog. All the shields during transportation are in the roof and put over the hives on the trailer of the car. In this house light, heat and flies do not fly. Beekeepers who wander, I advise such a house – you will not regret it.

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Collapsible beekeeper’s house