Homemade scales

Homemade scales

Every beekeeper knows the importance of accounting for the weight of hives. However, many beekeepers can not obtain suitable scales. I offer scales of own design.

Stand 1, welded from pipes, welded racks, with which; The platform 3 and two suspensions 4 are hingedly connected. The suspension brackets, in turn, are pivotally connected to the beam 5 (channel).

To fix the beam in a certain position is the adjusting pin 8. A spring 6 is inserted between the beam and the platform. I determine the weight of the hive by indicator 2, which is fixedly fixed to the stand. The degree of compression of the spring is determined practically, measuring the distance between the platform 3 and the stand 1. Instead of the indicator, you can use any other measuring instruments (calipers, ruler, etc.).

The sensitivity of the balance and the maximum measured weight can be adjusted within wide limits, selecting the spring and moving it along the beam. To ensure that the playground always remains in a horizontal position, it is necessary to tighten the nut 7 from time to time, then the beam will raise the platform to the desired level. This can be done while reading the readings. The initial installation on the device will fail, but it’s not terrible, the difference in diurnal indications is important for us, which determines the weight of the hive.

The farther from the beam axis of the beam is the spring, the greater the load capacity of the scales, but less sensitivity. Instead of a single spring, you can use several. When you first install the spring or replace it with another, you need to weigh the balance. To do this on the site you have to put weights of different weights and, according to the indications of the indicator, notice how many millimeters the platform fell.

If the beekeeper does not have the opportunity to make measurements every day, then it is necessary to install

stops that will not allow the site to lean heavily, and the total weight of the hive over several days can be determined as follows. If you came to the apiary and saw that the control hive site rested against the stops and the indicator shows some indication, rotate the nut on the adjusting pin until the arrow on the indicator “comes to life.”

Knowing the number of revolutions of the nut and what weight corresponds to one revolution, you can determine the total weight of the hive in a few days.

Such scales can be made from wood. To do this, place the board from the board with a wooden stand using the usual door hinges. Replace the beam with a bar.

Homemade scales

Those who can not get an indicator, I suggest to make a simple device, which is strengthened on the same bracket. The measuring scale can be made of plastic and calibrated. The hole under the axis in the arrow can be in any place, but it must be taken into account that the more the ratio the more accurate the device.

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Homemade scales