How to provide frames with bee-keeping bees in spring

How to provide frames with bee keeping bees in spring

Usually beekeepers aspire to winter to provide bee colonies with the necessary amount of food. In late February, brood appears. If there are no pergas in the nests, then there is very little of it. The family is weakening, it often dies.

I had such an incident in the apiary. In the spring, after flying over the bees, he left two feeble little families on four frames. One put a full-frame frame, and the other gave a frame in which there was a small layer of sealed honey on the top, the rest of the cells were filled with perga. A week later I looked at these families. At first he opened the nest in which he placed a frame with Perga. All honeycombs were surrounded by bees, and honey-free cells were filled with brood.

I put two more honey-perforated frames and a wax in the nest. Bees quickly built honeycomb, they grew brood. In the summer I got honey from this family. In the second family, the bees were not visible. The frame with honey remained untouched. Only in the middle of the nest on one honeycomb a small cluster of bees warmed a small section of the brood.

After this incident, during the formation of the nests for the winter, I must place two or three frames with perga.

If I do not have them, I grind dry pollen (or take the pepper from old honeycomb), mix it with dissolved honey (in equal doses). Then I pour liquid gruel into honeycomb and put them in a nest closer to the brood. If I use honeycombs, I cut off the tops of the cells, then cells with perga (if they are not very contaminated) pass through the meat grinder. Sometimes I feed them such a gruel along with sugar syrup (two or three tablespoons per liter of syrup).

Such top dressing is especially needed in the spring, when there is a lot of brood in the nests, and protein feed is not enough.

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How to provide frames with bee-keeping bees in spring