The end of the main bribe

The end of the main bribe

Most often, with a change in the weather, bribes also stop for the worse. Often the bad weather immediately breaks the bribes. Under favorable weather, the bribes, approaching the end, gradually weaken, the control hive shows a smaller and smaller weight gain, and finally begins to note the loss.

But even without a control hive, you can see the approach of the end of the bribe. For example, bees do not have the energy and haste that are usually observed with a good bribe. In the mornings, more or less intensified work is visible to bees, but from midday it is weakening completely. In the apiary, there is no longer that hum, which happens during a strong bribe. In the evenings, the apiary does not smell as much honey as it used to be. Hives are not appreciable in the hives.

The end of the bribe is immediately shown by the bee. During a bribe, the bees not only do not climb into someone else’s hives, but

do not even pay attention to the honey planted in the apiary. It’s quite the same with the termination of a bribe. At every opportunity they climb into someone else’s hives. Do not have time to open the hive and inspect it, as already a whole band of extraneous bees climbs into the hive.

This is due to very large inconveniences in the work. Therefore, the main work related to the end of a bribe, it is desirable to make at the end of a bribe, and not after its end

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The end of the main bribe