Shower on the nomad

Shower on the nomad

During the migrations most of the work of the beekeeper must be performed in hot weather. And no matter how easy his clothes are, there is still a secretion of sweat, which excites and angers bees. It’s good to have a pond nearby. And if not? To wash from a bucket or a basin is inconvenient. Yes, and washing with cold water – the procedure is not very pleasant, especially for a person in old age. I use the simplest field shower, the device of which does not require special expenses.

The water tank is an old, well-washed inside car camera 10. What camera to use, decide for yourself. It all depends on how much water you need. For example, about ten buckets are placed in the camera from the MAZ wheel. If the bucket at the end of the day to spend a bucket of water, then one refueling is enough for a week, taking into account the morning washing and washing hands. There are three chutes on the camera. For strength in the places of their attachment with the chamber by means of vulcanization, patches with a tissue interlayer are strengthened. The first, air fitting 3 is located in the upper part of the chamber.

When the chamber is filled with water, the spool is removed so that the air can freely come out, and then I return it to its place. Later, through the same nozzle with the help of a manual or foot air pump 4, I inject air into the chamber.

Shower on the nomad

The second, water connection 9 is made of an anti-corrosion material (dimensions are shown in Figure 2). Through it and put on it a cork 8 I fill the chamber with water from a waterpipe or a column by means of a hose. During the use of the shower, water through this system in the opposite direction is fed to the shower screen 6. To regulate the water supply there is a tap. 5. Install the water connection at a height of 100 mm from the base. This arrangement eliminates the

need to control the amount of water in the chamber. If during the washing from the shower mesh air will go, then, putting the camera at an angle of 45 њ, you can successfully finish the wash – a supply of water near the bucket.

The third choke is a filler neck with a screw stopper 2. Through it, in the absence of a water pipe or a water bilge column, the chamber is filled with water from a pond or a well with a funnel and a bucket. It is made in the same way as the water connection, only of a larger size with a large internal passageway – 25-30 mm. To ensure that the chamber does not creep under the weight of water, I enclose it in a cover 7, sewn from a tarpaulin in the form of a ring without a bottom with tightening ropes 12, screwed around the edges. The camera is placed on a round bottom 11, cut from 8-10 mm plywood. Its diameter is equal to the average of the outer and inner diameters of the chamber.

With the help of an air pump 4, the necessary pressure is created in the chamber, due to which the water is supplied to a height higher than the height of the person, regardless of the level at which the camera is located from the ground. It can be placed in the overhead trunk, or the trailer of a car or simply leave it on the ground. In any case, the water will be regularly fed to the shower.

In order for the water to be warmed better by the sun’s rays, I paint the bottom and inner ring 13 with black paint, and cover the chamber with a cap of transparent film 1. Its walls should be at least 150 mm away from the walls of the chamber. Under the hood, a greenhouse effect is created, as a result of which the air temperature here rises to 70 њ C. As a result, the water temperature in the chamber at the end of the day will be 10-15 “above the outside temperature.

In the inner ring for stiffness I roll up two wires 1. At the end of the season I disconnect it in connector 2, taking out the bolts 3, and turn into a cylinder of smaller diameter, where I put a well-dried camera, hoses and cover, tie it all together with a rope and store it in a dry room until next season.

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Shower on the nomad