Contents and breeding of bees

Two-family beehives

With the two-semen content of the bees, the 12-frame Dadan-Blatt hive is divided into a thin partition into two compartments, which contain two families of bees on six frames throughout the year. Care for them

Double-casing content of bees

Along with the hives-lounges, two-hull beehives are now widely distributed. Methods and methods of keeping bees in such hives are usually called bicomponent contents. With a bicomponent content of bee colonies, significantly more bees grow

Limitation of the laying of eggs by the uterus

Some beekeepers persistently recommend limiting (laying down) the laying of eggs by the uterus during the main bribe, claiming that such a technique can get much more honey than with complete freedom of drafting. At

Correction of families affected by diarrhea

Unfounded families must be transplanted into a clean hive on clean honeycombs, feed and insulate the nest. Of the stained frames, only those transferred to a new hive, which have bee brood. In this case,

Contents of bees in a sixteen-hive beehive

Sixteen-frame hives I make myself with some constructive changes. The bottom made detachable. It enters the quarter of the back wall and is attached to it on the window hinges 5. The side walls 2

Over-flight flight

Being engaged in beekeeping, I heard and read a lot about the early-day exhibition of bee colonies. Itself did not have to do this. But it so happened that I had to take the family

Reproduction of bee colonies and the withdrawal of queens

Equipment: boxes for transferring frames, uterine cells, hives of various systems, caps for isolation of queens, hacksaw, plane, hammers, mites, pillows, insert boards. Materials: thin plywood, wooden bars, small nails, canvases. Drawing up a calendar

Fighting the attack of bees

Since the exhibition of bees from the winter hut and throughout the beekeeping season, it is necessary to make apiary work so as not to cause the theft of bees and especially to prevent the

The end of the main bribe

Most often, with a change in the weather, bribes also stop for the worse. Often the bad weather immediately breaks the bribes. Under favorable weather, the bribes, approaching the end, gradually weaken, the control hive


If the family loses the uterus and there are no eggs in the hive or suitable for the withdrawal of the fistula, larvae, then at first the bees lay many uterine bowls, often even on