Stock preparation of bees

Procurement of fodder stocks is made during a good bribe. The frames completely occupied with printed honey are selected, as well as honey-pergovian. If the families are kept in 12-frame hives, then during a strong

Warming and re-heating of the socket

Often, to insulate the nest of bees that winter in the wild, fit on the basis of the prevailing assertion that the club does not heat the space inside the hive. In this case, a

If there is a swarm

For catching swarms I use a graft. I make it like this. I take two thin boards in size 20X60 cm, I make up a rooftop and upholster with an old pre-polished canvas. Then either

Transportation of bees for pollinating crops

It has long been observed that the best yield of fruits or seeds of crops and the greatest honey harvest are when the apiary is on the area of ​​flowering crops or in the immediate

The first spring inspection of bees

All families that seemed unsuccessful in flying around are noted. Do not postpone for tomorrow, they need to be inspected immediately after the flight, otherwise brazen families may die. The purpose of the first inspection

How to remove a swarm of bees

To remove the swarm, I use a simple and convenient device. It consists of a stand and a set of metal tubes. To the length of pipe 2, three supports 1 are welded from the

Forwarding bees to long distances in boxes without ventilation

Currently in our country, when moving bees to a distant distance, it is often used to transfer bees with brood and without it in deaf dark boxes (without ventilation). Bees in such boxes during transportation

Basic cleaning of hives and disinfection of their hives

The content of hives and frames in the purity is the most important duty of every beekeeper. It is unacceptable to keep bees on stained cell stems and in a dirty beehive. Sludge and dirt

Habitat for swarms

For 46 days, systematic observations were made of the development of beehives, decks, etc. by swarm bees. An interesting phenomenon was noted. In three decks occupied by the wasps, and in the deck where the

The first spring works in the apiary

Tasks of the spring care for bees. The life of all plants and animals is inseparably linked with the conditions of the external environment in which they live. The life and development of bee colonies