Expansion of nests

The main task in the field of beekeeping throughout the spring period is to provide bee families with the best conditions for their fastest growing and development. In the system of measures that promote the

Inspection of bee colonies

It is better to begin an examination with weak families, since they are more calm. Before proceeding to the inspection, prepare the necessary inventory: -2 … 3 frames with a drying or artificial wax are

Quiet change of uterus in a hive

In the magazine was published an article “Who kills the queens?” There the author, in particular, writes: “Usually the temporary peaceful coexistence of the old and young queens occurs with a quiet shift. The old

How to Fix Weak Bee Families in the Spring

Sometimes, as a result of unsuccessful wintering or for other reasons, some bee colonies are greatly weakened and occupy no more than 4 standard frames in the spring after the show, that is, they are

Summer work in the apiary

Staging of stores and selection of frames for the creation of fodder stocks for the winter. During the bribe period, it is very important that there are always enough free cells in the nest to

Formation of layers

For the formation of the layers and the withdrawal of the queens, I made five nucleus hives. Each of them is divided by three diaphragms into four compartments with three frames each. Here you can

Type of hive for an apiary wintering at will

It is believed that in our zone it is advantageous to place stationary apiaries in groups of 30-35 hives. Point from the point should be located no closer than 4 5 km. Over many years

Building a nest with bees

Under natural conditions, the newly formed family of bees (swarm), settling in a suitable place for housing, for example, in the hollow of a tree, a cave, a cleft of a rock, etc., is immediately

Autumn work in the apiary

With the termination of a bribe, there is a great danger of the occurrence of bee theft. At this time in the nests of bees there are still many flying bees and in families the

Devices against swarming

Against the swarming of the bees, I use a 8 mm thick plywood box made by me. In its front wall a 100×10 mm chute is made. To it, on two bolts, a 200X120X25 mm