Stock preparation of bees

Stock preparation of bees

Procurement of fodder stocks is made during a good bribe. The frames completely occupied with printed honey are selected, as well as honey-pergovian.

If the families are kept in 12-frame hives, then during a strong bribe, families are often replaced by second-frame hulls instead of the usual half-frame supplements, using, if necessary, two stores knocked together. In this case, you can get a lot of frames, completely filled with honey and well sealed. Sometimes the extreme nest frames from the body are lifted into the store. It is very convenient to produce forage frames in double hulls and in hives-beds. The best honey-filled and sealed frames are taken out of the hive and stored, and empty beans are put in place for them, or, if there are not any, frames with artificial wax.

Of great importance is the preparation of pearls for use in the spring. To do this, at the beginning of the main bribes, examine the

nests of families, choose frames well filled with pergars, make notes on them and put them closer to the tap, where their cells are supplemented with honey and sealed by bees in the shortest possible time.

The stern frames should be kept in a cool dry place in tightly-knocked-out long boxes with well-fitted lids that prevent the penetration of bees, wasps and mice.

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Stock preparation of bees