Limitation of the laying of eggs by the uterus

Limitation of the laying of eggs by the uterus

Some beekeepers persistently recommend limiting (laying down) the laying of eggs by the uterus during the main bribe, claiming that such a technique can get much more honey than with complete freedom of drafting. At the same time, they proceed from the fact that a lot of honey is spent on brood rearing and the mass of bees is diverted from the honey crop. Meanwhile, the brood, fed during the bribe, will turn into bees, which will be able to fly for prey not soon, after the bribe, and therefore for this season will be almost useless. In winter, these bees will not go either, since they will be old and be confused by that time. For the wintering, bees of later withdrawal are needed.

On the basis of this they recommend a week before the main bribe to separate the queens no more than on 3-4 frames or replace them with barren.

Based on many years of observations on this issue, we can say the following.

Limiting the laying of eggs by the uterus can sometimes be useful only with an early bribe, and with a late bribe it is unacceptable: the family will not have time to increase by the fall.

This measure can be useful with a weak and prolonged bribe and is completely useless for a strong bribe. With a strong bribe honey itself minimizes the egg laying by the uterus, since every cell that has been freed from the bees is immediately filled with honey.

Quite different is the case with a prolonged weak bribe. Weak bribes have an even greater effect on brood withdrawal. The bees, driven by the daily prey of nectar, feed so much brood that almost all the daily catch is eaten by it. Ends bribes – the beehive is full of brood and bees, but there is no honey.

While limiting the egg laying by the uterus, this phenomenon does not happen. Here the family, if it does not yield income with honey, will in any case provide itself with supplies for the winter. It is most advantageous to restrict the laying of eggs by the uterus in combination with the change of queens.

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Limitation of the laying of eggs by the uterus