If there is a swarm

If there is a swarm

For catching swarms I use a graft. I make it like this. I take two thin boards in size 20X60 cm, I make up a rooftop and upholster with an old pre-polished canvas. Then either rub it with melissa, or tie the branch of this plant. To a wooden cola 2 m long I tie three or four branches of aspen, and under them a graft. Kol I hammer into the ground at a distance of 10-20 m from the hives.

I install about a dozen such scions along the apiary. The outgoing swarm will necessarily sit on one of the scions. Carefully untangling it from the stake, I shake the bees into the rova. Then I pull out the stake and also shake off the bees.

Kol I take the ward off to the side, until all the bees are gathered in the rover, and then I return them to their original place.

It happens that the released swarm does not go to the graft, but, having chosen a tree, circling near it. Then I take the graft attached to the pole and bring it to this tree, and the bees, spinning around, gradually gather on it.

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If there is a swarm