Correction of families affected by diarrhea

Correction of families affected by diarrhea

Unfounded families must be transplanted into a clean hive on clean honeycombs, feed and insulate the nest. Of the stained frames, only those transferred to a new hive, which have bee brood. In this case, you need to prune the honeycomb before brood, frame scrape with a knife and wipe with a cloth soaked in a 4%, formalin solution.

Every family affected by diarrhea needs to be investigated whether diarrhea is not contagious. For this purpose, take a few bee stools, 10-20 dead, bees, 10-20 live, but weak bees to examine their intestines under a microscope. If it turns out that the family is infected with nosematosis, then all measures must be taken; precautions against the spread of this disease.

If the beekeeper can not do the research himself, then it is necessary to apply for this purpose to the laboratory of the veterinary station.

Replacement of honeycomb with spoiled perva. If the perg is corrupted

in winter, for example, it becomes petrified or moldy, then in spring the bees throw it away. For this they have to spend a lot of energy and time. The beekeeper must rid the bees of such work by removing these honeycombs from the hive and. replacing usable or, in extreme cases, cutting off the cells with a damaged peg to the mediastinum of the honeycomb.

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Correction of families affected by diarrhea