Honey for the treatment of skin diseases

Honey for the treatment of skin diseases

In folk medicine for centuries, honey cakes and honey ointment are successfully used for skin diseases. Avicenna also widely and successfully used honey for skin diseases. In the ancient Russian handwriting clinics, there are many tips on how to treat skin diseases with honey.

In the dermatological clinic of the II Moscow Medical Institute named after N. I. Pirogov, Professor G. Khachaturian and A. N. Popova successfully treated 27 patients with honey with mainly furuncles and carbuncles. Of great interest is the communication of these authors about the cure of one patient with skin tuberculosis by honey.

Under the influence of honey dressings, the tubercles were quickly released from the necrotic (necrosis) rods and vigorously scarred; at the same time the patient received 60 g of honey daily for 12 days.

Honey has a good effect on the skin due to its high nutritional, antibacterial and other properties. It feeds not only the skin tissue, but also its nerve endings. Skin protects the body from harmful environmental influences. Among the prophylactic agents that enhance the tone of the skin, bee honey takes pride of place.

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Honey for the treatment of skin diseases