Correction of non-dead families

Correction of non dead families

Bezmatelnye families are rapidly weakened, their bees are poorly protected, and therefore easily subjected to attack and looting. Such families should be corrected as soon as possible.

Observations show that in the early spring (soon after the exhibition), it is not necessary to force bees of even strong families to withdraw fistula. If there are spare uterus, it is easy to give the uterus to the uterus in a cell, and after 10-12 hours, and no later than in 24 hours, release it.

Similarly, if there is a nucleus (a small family with a spare uterus), then, attaching such a family to a non-mathematician, they fix the latter.

Unification of families in the early spring should be avoided whenever possible, primarily because this reduces the number of families in the apiary. In addition, the joining of families is depersonalized their individual qualities, which often results in a decrease in the productivity of the apiary in the future. Connecting families is permissible only as a last resort.

Making bees’ junction, it is necessary to act so that the bees unite calmly and that the attached bees do not return to their former places. Before you attach one family to another, you must first bring together the hives intended for the connection. For this, in summer days, we must move them gradually to each other, about half a meter each daily.

If the families that need to be connected are not far away, then for 3 to 4 days the hives can be brought together. When rapprochement, bees gradually get used to their new places, after which you can connect them. There are several ways of connecting families.

Sometimes a day before the connection, some odorous substance is placed in the hives, for example, mint, in order to give the bees the same smell and thereby deprive them of the ability to distinguish their own from others. The next day, the bees are connected.


you have to connect a non-matic family with a family that has a uterus, then open both the hive and push in the planks. Then take out the bezkeeper outside the bezel without beetles, sprinkle them with honey satiety or sugar syrup and insert into a hive whose family has a uterus. After that, push the board and close the hive. The bees will safely connect overnight. An empty beehive is removed from the apiary, and the beehive with the bees is pushed slightly to one side so that its flock is in the place where both hives are touching their sides. The next day, the extra frames, if they turn out, are removed from the hive.

It is good to connect close families and when it is made using paper, while in the hive, whose family has a uterus, removes the plaque and instead puts a sheet of newsprint. Then, in the hive next to the paper partition, frames are placed with the bees of the bezmatel family sitting on them, and the hive is closed. Over night, the bees gnaw through the newspaper and quietly unite.

There are other ways of connecting families, but the most suitable ones are those where the bees are transferred to a new nest together with their frames (with food). When combining bees, it is desirable to feed them well. Busy foraging, they behave calmly and are well connected.

If you have to connect two families with uterus, then for half a day or a day before the connection, one uterus (the worst) should be taken away, and in another hive it should be put into the uterus or even better – cover it on a suitable cell with a large cap, together with 2-3 dozens of bees, give the bees the same smell or, applying paper, proceed as described above.

The uterine cell is made of a metal mesh, has the following dimensions: length 3 cm, width 1.6 cm and height 6 cm. There are two holes in the cell: the upper one, covered with a metal plate, and the lower one, closed by a bar attached to one cell wall and the incoming its lower lumen. In the bar there is a groove for feeding, which is put there before the start of the uterus in the cell.

Correction of non dead families

Fig. Uterine cell of Titov’s structure. On the right – empty, on the left – with the queen pot.

Caps for the queens are made from a dense metal mesh and come in a variety of devices. The best is a large cap, length 15 and width 10 cm.

If the uterus is covered by a large cap for a considerable amount of time, for example, when it is inserted into a new family, it must be ensured that there are at least a little unsealed honey in the cells of the honeycomb under the cap. In addition, it is better if there are empty cells under the cap, into which the uterus can lay eggs (the uterus laying eggs is easier to take by bees).

Correction of non dead families

Fig. Large cap for covering the queens

In cases where it is necessary to connect families that are far from each other, for example, at different ends of the apiary, it is necessary to make them connect as soon as possible after the exhibition, while the bees are not yet fully used and have not yet firmly memorized the place of the first flight . After the connection, remove them for 3-4 days in the winter hut, and then take out and put in place a stronger family. The bees will fly over again and remember this place. However, some of the bees will nevertheless return to the site of the former site of their hive and, not finding it, will explode along the neighboring hives.

A family with a droned or vicious uterus can be corrected in one of the same ways as a family without a uterus, removing the murine uterus.

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Correction of non-dead families