Mothers and uterus

Insulator frame

It is known that high honey gathering can be obtained from strong families with young uterus. For the artificial withdrawal of queens in the early period, I use a special frame-insulator. Cross-section of the upper

Breeding work on the withdrawal of queens

The main goal of the breeding work is constant improvement of useful and economic qualities in bee families, as well as an increase in the productivity of beekeeping. Breeding work consists in: Selection and selection

Correction of non-dead families

Bezmatelnye families are rapidly weakened, their bees are poorly protected, and therefore easily subjected to attack and looting. Such families should be corrected as soon as possible. Observations show that in the early spring (soon

To make the queen bee

Receiving from the beekeeping nurseries of valuable breeding queens, beekeepers often lose them through mistakes in the placement in the family. Causes, when bees take hostilely other people’s queens, a lot, I will not recount

If the hive does not have a uterus

Cases are frequent, especially in the Primorsky Territory with its capricious winter, when families remain bezmatochnymi. Such families, as a rule, perish. The original method was suggested and repeatedly used by the amateur beekeeper. At

The uterine cell of its own design

Fig. 1. General view. I offer readers a uterine cell of its own design. It consists of a transparent body 2 and a bottom 4, in which holes are made for ventilation and contact of

Postage of the queens by mail

Postage of the queens by mail is made in special cells that have 2 compartments: one for bees and a uterus and the second for a smaller one – forage. The stern compartment of the

A device for catching queens

Currently, in the apiaries of our country, many homemade devices are used to catch the uterus during the swarming of the bees. Their common disadvantage is the lack of guarantee against damage to it during

Artificial insemination of the uterus

Artificial insemination of the uterus in magazines of beekeepers rises quite rarely. There are too few people who want to know the details of this case, since they are completely convinced of the hopelessness, complexity

Wintering of queen bees

The uterus in the bee-family occupies a prominent place. She is not only a mother here. Its pheromones are substances that not only attract drones during pairing flights, but also regulate behavior, inhibit the development

Output of queen bees

To produce a small number of queens, the beekeeper, who has little experience in this direction, can use a very simple method. From a strong and productive family, the uterus and the open brood are

Double core hive

For several years I have been using a nucleus hive of my own design for the withdrawal of queens. It consists of a body 1 on a standard 435 X 300 mm nest frame, which

Instrumental insemination of queens

For beekeeping, it is simply necessary to identify, fix and breed the best genotypes in which the best signs of economically useful bees are fully present. That is, the newly-derived bees must be as productive

Labeling on the bee-hive

The application of labels to the bee is made in order to distinguish between the uterus by origin, individual lines and age. You can label the uterus in many ways. For this, multi-colored uterus is

Lack of uterus and honey

It is often possible to learn from literary sources and from practitioners that when selecting the queens during the main honey crop, this is negatively indicated on the ability and productivity of the bees. I