Chuck-chak with honey

Chuck chak with honey

The broken eggs and flour kneaded dough, roll it as thin as possible and cut into noodles 5.4 cm. The finished noodles shake of flour and fried in a mixture of mutton fat and cottonseed oil (or melted butter).

Fry the noodles on a piece of paper to make it cool. While the noodles cool down in a metal bowl, melt the honey and stir, add the sugar (do to chak-chak well-hardened); keep on the fire is recommended until the sugar has melted, then the mixture of honey and sugar is removed from the fire and proceed to the next operation; take a few handfuls of noodles, put in a deep bowl and, gradually pouring it with honey, mix, adding each time a little noodles and honey.

The resulting mass must be quickly transferred to the dishes, covered with parchment paper, well pressed hands (hands moisten with water beforehand) and give the mixture some form. Put the finished product in a refrigerator or other cool place. When the mass hardens well, decorate it with small multicolored sweets or candies. Before serving, cut into small beautiful pieces.

To make a serving it is required: flour – 500 g, eggs – 5-6 pieces, honey – 500-600 g, sugar -100-150, lamb fat-150, cottonseed oil – 350 g or melted butter-500 g (from Uzbek cuisine ).

Recipe 2

Grapes marinated with honey.

Brush a small ripe but firm grapes to rinse, put in rows in a jar and fill with marinade filling. You can also pickle plums, apricots and other fruits and berries. Before pickling, the fresh berries are blanched (scalded with boiling water), then cooled, immersed in cold boiled water for a while. For marinating a kilogram of berries is required: sugar – 50 grams, honey – 50, table vinegar – 200, water – 200, salt – 20 grams, cloves – 5 pcs., Cardamom – 5 grains (from Armenian cuisine).

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Chuck-chak with honey