Passechnye products of beekeeping

Passechnye products of beekeeping

The main products of beekeeping, which are of very great national economic importance, are honey and wax.

Honey is a very valuable food product, and at the same time the most important medicinal product widely used in medicine.

Wax is of great importance as the most valuable raw materials necessary for many industries.

They find application in the national economy and other products of beekeeping. Thus, propolis is used in the paint and varnish industry. In medicine, in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, bee venom is used. Collected from the flowers of plants pollen, turned bees into pergue, can also find application, as a product containing a full set of valuable nutrients and vitamins. However, the importance of propolis, bee venom and perga is currently low. Therefore, consider only the most important for the national economy products of beekeeping – honey and wax.

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Passechnye products of beekeeping