Mounting the honeycomb in the center of the frame

Mounting the honeycomb in the center of the frame

Tip 1

It is known how difficult it is to preserve pear-comb honeycombs. I do this. Honeycombs in which there are sites of spoiled perga, for two or three hours flooded with water, heated to 40-50 њ C. Then, with a sharp knife, I cut these areas to the mediastinum of the honeycomb. Such a framework I use to expand the nest and give them to bees at the same time as the wax. In each strong family I place one frame with a wax and one-peg. As a rule, within two or three days, the bees clean and rebuild the cut sections of the honeycomb. This method can also be used to update the honeycomb in the absence of honey.

Tip 2

In our area, beekeepers fortify the wax, rolling it up to the upper frame bar. In my opinion, this operation is rather laborious, besides it is not easy to establish a wax in the center of the bar. Therefore, when making frameworks in the center of the upper bar, I make a groove into which

I insert the wax. The groove is taken out with a 2 mm thick cutter. It is located on a roller, connected with an electric motor from a washing machine. The roller and motor are fixed to the bottom of the table. The bar is moved along the guide rail over the milling cutter, which through the slot in the table comes to the surface. Groove I get in one pass cutters.

Mounting the honeycomb in the center of the frame

The edge of the wax sheet is thinned out by the rink so that it fits tight enough into the groove. Otherwise, the bees themselves will seal the formed gap and when changing the wax it will be more difficult to remove. I did not have a case where the sheet fell or came out of the groove. Bees securely attach it to the bar on both sides.

With the help of a milling cutter I also make all the details for frames and hives.

Tip 3

Usually, by tightening the cord of the facial mesh on the neck, the beekeeper must knot the knots, which often weaken or tangle the ends of the cord.

Mounting the honeycomb in the center of the frame

In order not to tie the mesh every time, the tightened cord is conveniently fixed with two mutually supporting rings cut from the car camera.

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Mounting the honeycomb in the center of the frame