Wick fiter for drinking water

Wick fiter for drinking water

The friable drinker for the hive consists of a can of 0.8-1 liter, a flat wick 65-70 mm wide and 300-350 mm long, and a wick entering the wick. The slot for the input of the wick is made in the back wall of the stand, in the middle of its upper part.

The length of the slot should be 3-5 mm larger than the width of the wick, and the depth is such that the wick with a waterproofing insert is placed therein. The input of the wick can be made from a piece of thin-walled aluminum tube with a diameter of 45-50 mm, flattening it to the desired size. In order not to wet the walls of the hive, the input of the wick must be done more than the thickness of the walls of the stand. It should protrude inside the hive at 5, and outside at 15 mm.

On the wick, before installation in the jar with a ballpoint pen, a cross mark is applied, which determines the part that enters the hive. The wick from the input should be pushed into the hive by 45-50 mm.

After washing and boiling (15-20 minutes), the wick can be placed on the bottom of jars with water, and the other end into the hive for the required length, up to the mark.

In order to protect the protruding part of the wick from drying, you can use a plastic bag, B

It is necessary to put a jar of water, and fix the top of the bag with a rubber ring on the outside of the input of the wick in the hive.

In the spring of one can of water the average family of bees suffices for 4-5 days. As the consumption is increased, water is added.

After 7-10 days, the jar and the package must be washed with soap and the wick is washed and boiled for disinfection.

If necessary, a wicked hive can be quickly supplied with an unprepared hive if two nails (at a distance of 70-80 mm from each other) are inserted between its lower body and stand, with a diameter of 3 to 3.5 mm, and the wick wrapped with foil is passed through the nails formed between the nails crevice.

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Wick fiter for drinking water