Contents of bees in the pavilion

Method of excretion of fistula

One of the most difficult tasks facing a novice beekeeper – an amateur – is the timely replacement of queens and reproduction of families. Adopted on most amateur apiaries, a bee care system using swarming

Spring audit and cleaning of families

All work is a spring audit and cleaning of families. The sequence of its conduct may be different. First, we determine the state of the families. Calm and confident circumnavigation of a strong family, a

Change of two-year-old queens

The work is carried out on June 5-8, during the flowering period of gardens and yellow acadia, in order to eliminate swarming and the simultaneous replacement of two-year-old queens in half of the families. In

Ventilation of pavilion hives

Already at the beginning of work with bees, the need for vertical ventilation in a multi-hull hive in the winter did not cause me doubts, but the degree of its implementation was unclear. In the

Useful volume of the pavilion hive

How many honeycombs are required for bees to develop normally? In the active period, they need honeycomb for carbohydrate feed and pergi, oviposition, brood rearing, processing of nectar, and for rest. Studies have established that

Spring period of development of bees

There are recommendations on the need for full pumping of honey from the nest. There was even the term “May drying of the nest”, which allegedly contributes to honey collecting activity of bees. If you

Artificial over-flight overflights of bees

The work is carried out in the first half of October, when you can not count on a natural flight of bees. At a temperature of 10-12 њ C, the windless and sunny pavilion warms

Productivity of the family of the excretory fistula

In a number of foreign countries, where bees are close in nature to the Carpathian, the way to remove the uterus from brood (during the honey harvest) for the withdrawal of fetal uterus is one

How to deal with tick bee

At the present time, methods, methods and means have been developed that make it possible to keep the number of mites in families at a level that does not affect the development and productivity of

Temperature control in the pavilion

When keeping bees in insulated pavilions (taking into account the correct preparation of families), wintering usually passes successfully. But if the average temperature in the region in the winter months is relatively low, then the

Autumn build-up of bees in the pavilion

The work is performed on August 8-15, at the end of the honey collection. Selection of honey hulls, formation of a nest for preparation for wintering and autumn building of bees, feeding of bees with

Features of the contents of bees in the pavilion

In Europe, the overwhelming number of bee colonies in amateur conditions is found in pavilions, which is explained by the high population density and the lack (or inadequacy) in this regard of the area for

Artificial early flight of bees in the pavilion

The work begins in mid-March. There is intense melting of snow. What should I do first? Open the external tapholes for 20-30 mm, remove the spoil from it, close the internal ventilation holes in the

Top dressing of bees in the pavilion

Among beekeepers there is a different opinion about the need for feeding bees to bees to replenish winter food reserves, and for the most rational concentration of sugar syrup. Some speak convincingly about the unacceptable

Frame for pavilion hives

The frame is one of the most important components of the hive. It provides a strong impact on the life of the bee family during all periods of its existence, creates convenience in working with