Treatment with royal jelly

Treatment with royal jelly

For the prevention of influenza.

Lubricate the nasal mucosa with alcoholic milk emulsion and ingest 20 drops of this emulsion under the tongue or water it with the mucous membrane of the mouth 2-3 times a day.

With angina pectoris.

You should take 20 g of royal jelly (under the tongue) three times a day for 10-20 days. At the same time, sclerotic changes in the vessel wall are suppressed by decreasing the cholesterol content in the blood.

Stomach ulcer.

Treated with royal jelly with honey 1: 100. This mixture is used for 2 teaspoons three times a day. To prevent inactivation of royal jelly with gastric juice, you must drink 1/2 cup of mineral water (“Borjomi”) or a solution of a teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 cup of boiled water 10 minutes before a meal. With increased sensitivity to royal jelly (insomnia), it should not be consumed.

When arthritis of the lower extremities, use (under the tongue) 10-20 mg of royal jelly twice a day for 10-20 days.

Treatment with royal jelly is contraindicated.

With adison disease (bronze disease), acute infectious diseases, adrenal gland diseases, allergies to milk (rash on the body, partial inflammation and redness, itching, abdominal pain, digestive disorders, vomiting, diarrhea). Do not use royal jelly in the evening. Because it often serves as the cause of excitation reactions, which leads to insomnia.

Royal jelly in cosmetics.

Based on royal jelly make different nourishing creams, emulsions, hair care products. Creams with royal jelly for the face skin make it supple, fresh. Royal jelly is included in the recipe of such famous creams as “Nectar”, “Lada”, “Fairy Tale”, “Medoc”. These are nourishing and toning creams for dry and normal skin. For example, the biocream “Lada” increases the tone and improves the vital functions of the skin, suitable for both oily and dry skin, has a gentle consistency, acts softly.

With the addition of dry royal jelly, lettuce “Lecithinium”, “Pink pearl”, “Forest nymph” soap with a delicate delicate fragrance, as well as creams for the husband, “Enchantress”, “Odyssey”, “Consul”, “Sputnik”. Shampoos work very well on dry hair, and soap – on the skin of the hands, sensitive to irritations. Soap “Forest Nymph” is well washed out with dry hair.

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Treatment with royal jelly