Royal Jelly

Royal jelly in folk medicine

Royal jelly was tested and used for diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, with tuberculosis and brucellosis, arthritis, etc. It contains a lot of acetylcholine, a substance that dilates the blood vessels, so it

Properties of royal jelly

Beekeepers from the time of Aristotle were interested in the question of why the queen bee, which emerged from the same egg as all bees, is almost twice as long and heavier than the worker

Manufacture of royal jelly

Getting large amounts of royal jelly is associated with some difficulties, as bees lay many queen cells only under certain conditions: either in a family with an old uterus, or in an orphaned family. To

Use of royal jelly

Royal jelly has been widely used primarily in medicine. It has a multifaceted biological effect on the body. Influences positively on the metabolism, stimulates the central nervous system, breathes tissues, increases work capacity, reduces fatigue,

Treatment with royal jelly

For the prevention of influenza. Lubricate the nasal mucosa with alcoholic milk emulsion and ingest 20 drops of this emulsion under the tongue or water it with the mucous membrane of the mouth 2-3 times