Manufacture of royal jelly

Manufacture of royal jelly

Getting large amounts of royal jelly is associated with some difficulties, as bees lay many queen cells only under certain conditions: either in a family with an old uterus, or in an orphaned family. To get milk, it is necessary to remove the uterus, only then the bees will lay the queen cells (sometimes several dozen).

Manufacture of royal jelly

1 – robe, cap or hat and facial mesh; 2 – a towel, soap, a brush for hands; 3- – an alcohol lamp; 4 – scalpel; 5 – anatomical tweezers; 6 – glass sticks; 7 – a brush; 8 – mortar with pestle; 9 – labels; 10-glass or porcelain vessel with lid for temporary storage of larvae; 11 – glass spatula; 12-jar for temporary storage of ground larvae; 13 – box with matches; 14-glass vessel with lid for temporary storage of royal jelly after percolation; 15-washing tray, queen cells; 16-alcohol; 17 – napkins; 18 – glass funnels; 19 – graduated cylinder (beaker); 20-tripod for cellular frames; 21 – bottle with ground glass stopper and stabilizer for storing royal jelly; 22 – plywood box for transportation and storage of bottles with royal jelly

To arrange the collection of a large amount of royal jelly, you can use the author’s proposed portable suitcase, greatly facilitating the work of the collector. The suitcase not only contains everything necessary for collecting, preserving and sending royal jelly by mail or courier to pharmacies, but also serves as a convenient table for work. The milk collector must strictly observe the rules of hygiene.

After collecting a few dozen or hundreds of queen cells, the stand is taken out of the suitcase; cutting the mother fruit along the length with a scalpel, extract the royal jelly with a glass spatula and shift it into wide-mouth bottles. Filling about 9/10 bottles, add a little

stabilizer (40% alcohol); a sealed bottle is lowered with a neck into melted wax and a label is attached where the date of collection and the name of the collector are indicated. Each bottle is wrapped in a paper napkin and installed in a special socket plywood box.

The larva from the mother liquor is removed with tweezers and lowered into a vessel with a stabilizer, where the royal jelly is washed off. The milk which has settled down on a bottom pour in small bottles. The larvae are ground in a porcelain mortar and transferred to a special vessel with a stabilizer. Later they are used in the manufacture of cosmetic preparations. To completely remove the milk from the queen cells, the inner surface is thoroughly cleaned with a brush, which is then washed in a beaker with a stabilizer. A portable suitcase is equipped with matches, an alcohol lamp, a notebook and an automatic pen.

The action of alcohol emulsion of royal jelly was studied by virologists. Studies have shown that virucidal properties (experiments carried out on strains of influenza A and B viruses) have only royal jelly, and not a stabilizer (40% alcohol). The dose of the virus was introduced into the allantoic cavity of the chicken embryo and 2 mg of the water-soluble extract of royal jelly. The harmful effect of the extract on chicken embryos was not noted: the chicks hatched simultaneously with the control ones.

Over the past few years, the therapeutic and prophylactic properties of alcohol emulsion of royal jelly have been repeatedly tested for influenza. In the form of an emulsion (2 g of royal jelly and 18 g of 40% alcohol), royal jelly persists for a long time. Adding alcohol not only stabilizes its labile components, but also promotes rapid absorption of the mucous membrane of the hyoid area.

It should be noted that during the last two decades, research has been devoted to the study of royal jelly, many articles have been published, many speeches have been made at symposiums and congresses of beekeepers. Royal jelly was considered a panacea for all diseases.

Despite the fact that the complex chemical composition and biological effect of royal jelly have not been fully studied, we can say that medicine has been enriched with a valuable therapeutic and prophylactic drug.

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Manufacture of royal jelly