Treatment with bee soup

Treatment with bee soup

In the chitinous cover of bees, scientists have found such valuable chemicals heparin and heparoids. They are able to suppress inflammatory processes, stabilize blood pressure. They act on the blood system, help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, prevent thrombosis. Helps in the treatment of diseases of the joints and thrombophlebitis.

Indications for use: arterial hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, prostate adenoma, sexual disorders (frigidity, impotence).

The therapeutic actions of products from the undermining are aimed at: reducing the pronounced processes of inflammation and degenerative phenomena in the body, stabilizing blood pressure, improving microcirculation in the vascular arteries, reducing the manifestations of general weakening of the body, treating adenoma of the prostate gland, sexual impairment, impotence, frigidity.

The extract is also used to stabilize blood pressure, with cardiovascular diseases, kidney disease, liver, cerebral vessels. Gives good results in the treatment of the thyroid gland, especially, with its cystic enlargement.

Various diseases are treated with bee soup, but its main feature is the increase of immunity.

Preparations of beeswax have a blood curative feature.

Dosage and application: 1 drop of tincture for 1 year of life. For example, a person who needs 60 drops for 60 years, that is, 20 drops three times a day for 30 minutes before or after a meal.

Externally tincture on vodka can be used for compresses on knee joints, on alcohol – for grinding joints in the case of radiculitis.

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Treatment with bee soup