Quiet change of uterus in a hive

Quiet change of uterus in a hive

In the magazine was published an article “Who kills the queens?” There the author, in particular, writes: “Usually the temporary peaceful coexistence of the old and young queens occurs with a quiet shift.

The old one then disappears. Probably, not without the help of a young uterus, and maybe even bees themselves. No one has observed this process so far. “In this regard, I want to share my observations with readers.” In February of last year, I purchased a family on a six-frame basis. “At the end of the month, as the weather was warm, the bees floundered amicably.

I transplanted them into a clean hive. In the feeding the family did not need. On March 23, during a family survey, I found a sealed mother bottle. I had not heard of a quiet shift before, and was very frightened. He turned to the beekeeper for help, and he found the uterus, which turned out to be damaged, but laid it off. Mother had to be ripped off. On examining the families on the nineteenth of April, the queen mothers again revealed: two sealed and three open. Since the family had by this time already eight streets of bees, decided to make an early lap on two frameworks. In the main family, a young uterus came out, and after a while started laying eggs, the old one also worked.

Several times examining the family (and the beginner’s interest is known to everyone), he saw that both uterus were very close: a young one on the one side of the honeycomb, and the old one on the other. Everyone is surrounded by his retinue.

The last time he examined the honeycomb, in the place where the old uterus was, suddenly there was some noisy animation. I looked there – there was no uterus. Immediately turned the frame young, as if nothing had happened, continued to surround the suite laying eggs. Further search for nothing led to the old uterus disappeared.

If everything had happened a little earlier, when I was observing the work of the old uterus, I could probably see the very process of disappearance, and so I can say only one daughter is not to blame for the mother’s disappearance.

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Quiet change of uterus in a hive