Bee Products

Medicated and toning recipes with honey

Recipe 1 It’s good to drink a glass of water in a morning with a spoonful of honey. Honey regulates the activity of the intestine. It is useful to drink such a honey drink and

Recipes of aloe juice with honey

For the production of aloe juice at home, a plant is used that is not younger than two years. Cut the large lower and middle leaves, rinse them with boiled water, then cut into small

Treatment with bee soup

In the chitinous cover of bees, scientists have found such valuable chemicals heparin and heparoids. They are able to suppress inflammatory processes, stabilize blood pressure. They act on the blood system, help to strengthen the

Natural medicine – honey

When preparing medicinal beverages, mixtures, it should be remembered that at -60 њ C, useful enzymes are destroyed in honey. Recipe 1 With a cold 70-80 g of honey with milk. Mixture: honey, horseradish juice

Bees in medicine

Honey for children The products of bees are harmless and, in comparison with synthetic preparations, are slower and softer. Thanks to the natural synchronous interaction with our body, they have a stable positive impact on

Recipes against cough and honey

Keep honey in a clean container and away from products with a strong odor, it easily absorbs the smells of the environment. Recipe 1 Finely chop and cook ten onions and one head of garlic

Passechnye products of beekeeping

The main products of beekeeping, which are of very great national economic importance, are honey and wax. Honey is a very valuable food product, and at the same time the most important medicinal product widely

Recipes against sore throats

Recipe 1 With a sore throat at the beginning of the disease, a warm, alkaline solution of a dessert spoon of baking soda to a glass of water 4-5 times a day, as well as

Recipes for cough and honey for children

Recipe 1 For infants, folk medicine offers such a way of getting rid of a cough: add two tablespoons of anise seeds and a pinch of salt to a teaspoon of honey. All this pour