Hives, inventory

Beehive hive

There are also horizontal hives – beds. They are similar to long boxes or chests. There are 16-20, and sometimes 24 frames with the size of 435×300 mm. The nest of bees is expanded in

Stage assembly of the framework “Boa constrictor&quot

Buying ready frames is quite expensive. Therefore, it makes sense to assemble the Boa constrictor yourself. On average, this frame costs from 50 rubles. But why buy them, if you can make a lot of

Hive multi-storey

The best hive is one that resembles a hollow – the natural habitat of honey bees. This is just the case with the multi-hull vertical hive. In it, bees can live just as they have

Multiple Nucleus Hive

Usually, the nucleus hive has 2-4 compartments, while one wall is connected to each wall of the hive. A multi-site nucleus hive (MNU) is a hive that has 2 or more flocks on each side.

Bezotovy hive

Honey bees during wintering use food that has been stored in the summer. They lost the ability to hibernate, which was with their ancestors. That is why these insects prepare a large amount of food

Bee house

Fig. 5. Hive with bees. The roof is removed, one honeycomb in a wooden frame is taken out. L – a leaf on the front wall of the hive, in front of it – a

Alpine hive

-the most highly productive -The most economical -the most convenient in operation General characteristics of the hive “Alpine” is a multi-hull hive, in contrast to similar traditional structures, it has one tap, no separation grid

Bee yourself

Multi-hull factory-made beehives in many respects do not suit me, so I had to develop my own design. (see the figure) The height of the hive is 1.9 m. It holds 7 cassettes (1) for

Beehive with glass walls

To observe the life of a bee family it is good to have a small (just one frame) hive with transparent glass side walls. Through them you can see everything that is done in the

12-frame hive with a shop

A 12-frame Dada is also considered a vertical hive. The frame here is higher than in the multi-body, by 70 mm. Its size is 435×300 mm. The length and width of the hive are the