Medical properties of propolis

Medical properties of propolis

Propolis has high antimicrobial properties, therefore it is widely used in medicine and veterinary medicine. In particular, it detects antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory activity, heals wounds, stimulates regeneration of tissues, raises the body’s reactivity, delays seed germination, inhibits plant growth.

The healing properties of propolis are known from ancient davens. In ancient Egypt, for example, for several millennia it was known to priests who had certain knowledge of medicine, chemistry and mummification of corpses. The ancient Greeks knew about its medicinal properties. Propolis is mentioned next to other beekeeping products in old Georgian books, where recipes for its use are given. Propolis ointments have been used in Georgian folk medicine for some diseases. There was a custom to put a propolis cake on a newborn’s navel, and also to wipe children’s toys with alcoholic infusion. In Georgian folk medicine, propolis is still used as a remedy. Knowledge of this was passed on from generation to generation and kept secret.

Here are some of the famous recipes.

Recipe 1

Preheated baked carrot of propolis to put on a sore spot for a cold.

Recipe 2

When rheumatic pains in the limbs, apply a warm crust of propolis to the painful place, bandage it and leave it for the whole night.

Recipe 3

For the treatment of furunculosis, a thin crust of heated propolis is applied to the boil, and after a while pus will start to separate from it.

The procedure can be repeated.

Propolis is a good anesthetic. For example, its 25% solution exceeds the anesthetic effect of cocaine and novocaine.

High disinfecting properties of propolis were also revealed. Its 10% solution is used by dentists to disinfect hands.

The antibiotic properties of propolis prevent the bees from damaging many viruses. If we take into account

the fact that in the bee family about 60 thousand individuals (that is, for a large number of bees in families), the infectious diseases would lead to the complete death of the family if there were no propolis in the hive. Studies have shown that bees, like no other insects, are carriers of infections.

Advantages of propolis compared with other therapeutic agents are also due to the fact that it has high therapeutic activity, often reveals an effective therapeutic effect where other drugs have been unsuccessfully used. When using propolis, recovery occurs earlier than when treated with conventional means.

However, next to numerous positive properties propolis has the ability to predetermine allergic reactions. As a rule, these reactions occur in persons sensitive to the bite of bees. The allergy runs in the form of dermatitis. Most often, hypersensitivity to propolis is observed in people with allergic diseases (bronchial asthma, eczema, urticaria, diathesis, etc.). Sometimes the cause of the allergy is prolonged inhalation with propolis. Therefore, the use of it, as well as other products of beekeeping, needs consulting a doctor, conducting special tests. In case of non-compliance with the rules for the use of propolis and improper use of it, possible complications.

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Medical properties of propolis