Ointments with propolis

1. Pour the ground propolis (10, 20, 50 g) with a small amount of alcohol (only to soften it). After 12 hours in the softened propolis, add Vaseline (90, 80, 50 g) to obtain 10,

Therapeutic recipes with propolis

Recipe 1 With a stomach ulcer (if there is no exacerbation). 100 g propolis, 20 g flaxseed, 50 g oat grains, finely chopped burdock leaf. Bring to a boil in 0.5 liters of a solution

Medical properties of propolis

Propolis has high antimicrobial properties, therefore it is widely used in medicine and veterinary medicine. In particular, it detects antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory activity, heals wounds, stimulates regeneration of tissues, raises the body’s reactivity, delays seed

Propolis in folk medicine

In folk medicine, propolis is popular as a remedy for the treatment of long-healing wounds and corns. Propolis ointment was successfully used in the treatment of farm animals with necrobacillosis. It had a very good

Properties of propolis

Propolis (from Greek words: pro-front and polis-city) plays an important role in the life of the bee family. They are reduced by the bees through the hive into the hive. Fig. 12. An open beehive

Propolis with stomach ulcer

We recommend the use of propolis in two medical forms – in the form of alcohol solution and propolis oil. To prepare the alcohol solution, take 10 g of ground propolis, pour 100 ml of

Propolis treatment

Coryza. Grind 20 grams of ground propolis (in a porcelain mortar) with a small amount of butter, add sunflower oil to a total mass of 100 g. Mix well. Soak small cotton swabs and put

Propolis in the treatment of pulmonary diseases

Propolis is recommended for various diseases of the respiratory tract, treatment of tuberculosis of the lungs and bronchi, treatment of peptic ulcer, chronic purulent otitis, difficult to heal wounds, for the treatment and prevention of

Propolis extract

Infuse 20 g propolis in 80 ml of alcohol for 2-3 days, periodically shaking. Filter, evaporate on a water bath until the desired propolis concentrate is obtained. You can use it inside and for inhalations.

Spirituous tincture of propolis

Up to 20 g of ground propolis add 80 g of 96% alcohol, insist 5-7 days in a closed glass or enamel ware, periodically shaking. Then filter through filter paper. Inside use with drops, for