Wolves against mice

Wolves against mice

I understood that when rodents are not alive, they will not live. That’s why we must do everything to ensure that there are no debris and food residues in the room and in the yard. Grain and products should be stored in such containers, where the mice will not climb. It is good to glaze the windows in the cellars, or to fix metal grids on the ventilation pipes, to concrete the holes around the buildings.

Rodents are destroyed by various mousetraps, they are expelled from the burrows by water. And probably, more reliable “means” of struggle are their natural enemies: the cat, the hedgehog, the ferret, the weasel, the meadow harrier, the long-eared owl, etc. The rural cat for the year extracts almost half a thousand rodents and can control the territory of about thirty hectare.

It should not be forgotten that by protecting small predatory animals and birds that feed on rodents, we are fighting mice and all their relatives.

The mice are deterred by some plants, in particular, the black-robed doctor, which is laid out in the places where the rodents are kept fresh.

Plants against rodents

Penetrating the apartment even modern urban homes, mice and rats inflict significant damage. But not less than the disaster from rodents to gardens and orchards, especially young trees, bushes suffer. Sometimes after the winter, there are no more tubers of Jerusalem artichoke, lilies, daffodils, tulips, which were planted in autumn. I propose an effective way to combat rodents with the help of poisonous plants, namely wolves, chamois, whitens, crow’s eyes, oleander, lily of the valley, etc. However, it is necessary to work and prepare funds from the counted plants as carefully as possible and only to people who are aware of their actions.

The dug roots (can be foliage and berries) are finely chopped, pounded in a mortar, mixed thoroughly with flour or carpets, or better with unsalted fat or cheese in the ratio: a teaspoon of a mixture of plants for 15-18 spoons of products. The harvested lure is put in a vessel or on plywood, covered from birds, domestic animals and birds, put at night in places where there are mice. Feeling the smell of food (especially fat, meat, cheese) at a distance, rodents quickly find and eat the bait, which leads to their mass death.

After this, the dishes should be boiled several times, and wash your hands three times in warm water with soap.

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Wolves against mice