Forwarding bees to long distances in boxes without ventilation

Forwarding bees to long distances in boxes without ventilation

Currently in our country, when moving bees to a distant distance, it is often used to transfer bees with brood and without it in deaf dark boxes (without ventilation). Bees in such boxes during transportation remain calm. To send bees without brood, make a box on one frame, and with brood – on 4 or 6 frames.

The dimensions of the box inside must correspond to the dimensions of the frames. For example, a box with 1 standard frame has dimensions: 47.5 cm in length, 20 cm in width and 34 cm in height. In the middle of the box a frame or half frame with printed honey (at least 2 kg) is inserted in the prepared place. In order to avoid breakages, this honeycomb is strengthened from the sides by small plates.

In a box, 1.1 kg of bees are shaken from one family and immediately the uterus is let out on a frame with honey.

For the transfer of bees with brood and forage, the dimensions of the box with 4 frames inside are as follows: length 47.5 cm width 20 cm and height 39 cm. The frames are inserted into the cutouts of the blocks cut to the walls so that the top of the frames is 6 cm below the top of the walls, and fixed. In this way, a considerable above-frame and under-frame space for air and beepering of bees is obtained. In the side wall of the box below is a small hole (leaves) for the departure of the bees in the case of long parking on the way.

In the 4-frame box, two frames with brood and two with food (honey and pollen) are placed, which are obsessed with bees and a uterus. Honey, mainly printed, not less than 4 kg. A flat, swinging roof is fastened to the body by two metal plates. For a 4-frame box, bees take 1.5 kg, and for a 6-frame box 2 kg.

On the boxes is the inscription “live bees”, “do not turn over”.

The families transported in this way are, in essence, layers or nucleuses. Sometimes they are also called “packages”,

but this is not entirely correct: this name is more suitable for bee families, transported without honeycomb and brood. Forwarding of bees without honeycombs (in “packets”). The transfer of bees without honeycomb “packets” has now become very widespread and has become a beekeeping practice.

A “package” is a certain number, mainly from 1 to 2 kg, of bees with matkoi, sent by mail in special boxes, but without brood.

Usually the bees are sent from the south to the north, where the spring is much later, and therefore the sent small families have time to increase to a bribe. In the south, conditions are more favorable for early breeding of bees.

In order for the bees to fit comfortably in the drawer, several inclined, rough or wax-coated plates or wire mesh are strengthened in it.

Young bees better tolerate the shipment. Cells are populated by day, when most of the old ones are flying away. Take a large tin funnel and insert it into the hole of the box. Then the box is put on the scale and balanced. After that, the frame with the bees taken from the beehive is lowered into the funnel and the bees are shook off the frame with a short push. Quickly removing the shaken frame, close the funnel with cardboard. Depending on the weight of the package, you have to shake the bees from several frames.

Bees sent without honeycombs are supplied with liquid food (syrup or honey), which is poured into special bird feeders with 2-3 small holes in the lid. This feeder is inserted upside down into a special cutout in the ceiling of the box. The bees take the food flowing from below through the holes in the feeder. The uterus is locked in a special cell, which is strengthened inside the box.

When sent by rail, packages are packed into 4 pieces in cages, made of sparsely located bars.

Before delivery, the prepared packages are stored in the hibernate. Transfer of packet bees to the beehive. To transfer the bees from the mailbox, a hive is prepared in advance. In it, transfer frames with bees from the box, add, if required, a frame with a sushi for laying eggs by the uterus and one frame with food.

To plant bees from a package without frames, prepare a clean hive, 1 frame of brood, 1-sushi and 2 frames with honey and pervoe. Then from the package they take out the cell with the uterus, which is transplanted into the cell of Titov. After that, take away the side wall and shake out the bees into the hive. The cell with the uterus is placed in the middle of the nest between the upper slats of the frames. The nest is put in order and accordingly the season is warmed.

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Forwarding bees to long distances in boxes without ventilation