Bees in June

In June, the uterus of Ukrainian and Carpathian bees has the greatest fertility, laying over 2,000 eggs daily. At the end of the month, each family can number more than 55-85 thousand bees. During this

Apiary in August

At present, in Ukraine, the nectariferous base is poor. In a number of areas, honey is not significant or even completely ceases. After flowering of nectariferous plants, families prepare for wintering, and the bees have

How to properly place the apiary

For the apiary, an elevated dry place, a sloping southern or southeastern slope (up to 5 њ), the edge of the garden, is best suited, so that the plantations protect the apiary from the northern

Feeding each other’s bees

The latest studies show that bees of one family during their stay in the hive are in constant “feed” contact with each other. Beginning from the first day of life, the young bee not only

Beating the Drones

Even before the bookmarks of the queen cells are registered, the bee-cells are built, where the first drones, “gluttonous, fat, lazy and stupid” are deduced in early May, as the German poet-satirist Wilhelm Bush talks

How to prevent swarming

Rooting mostly occurs spontaneously and is not always convenient for the beekeeper, because it is associated with the loss of productivity of the apiary. Thanks to many years of practice I was convinced that it

Temperature conditions in the nest of bees

For the development of brood, the separation of wax and the construction of honeycombs, considerable warmth is required – 34-35 њ, as well as high humidity in the nest. Bees have the ability to develop

Brood in October

The low active state of bee colonies in October is due to a decrease in air temperature. Bees cease to fly and protect the tapewings, gather on honeycomb, where there is still or recently been

Bees in May

Increase the power of the family The main task for the beekeeper in May is to increase the strength of the family, regardless of the weather conditions and honey collection. The bees that came out

Moving apiary

To your bees collected a lot of honey, you need to bring them closer to the mead, as the beekeepers say: “Nose to the buckwheat…” July – the middle of the summer. Good honey harvest