Protection of the family and protection of the tap

Protection of the family and protection of the tap

In a warm time, when a single bee does not chill, healthy and strong families guard the ice and reflect the enemies. Bees carrying security often change.

Protection of the family and protection of the tap

Fig. Uterus on a honeycomb.

Weak families do not always protect the summer, and bezmatelnye (orphaned) are poorly protected. Far away from the hive when collecting honey, the bee does not attack anyone and only in those cases it can sting if it is crushed or intentionally irritated.

Very differently, the bees behave while at home, near the hive of the hive. They insistently block the entrance to their hive as a bee of another hive, as well as other enemies.

Bees can attack animals and humans if they wander before the fire. Especially “evil” bees are in a time-free period.

Only flying bees are annoyed. Young non-flying bees are less likely to sting. Therefore, on warm days, when flying bees are outside the hive, you can inspect it even without smoke.

Northern bees are more angry than southern bees. Especially mild Caucasian bees.

In handling bees, the experience of the beekeeper, the timing of work in the hives and the unhurried nature of his movements play an important role.

Bees easily annoy any black or shiny object, as well as the fringe of the object. They can not stand various sharp odors, especially horse sweat. These smells lead the bees into a rage. They are strongly irritated by the smell of bee venom, which happens when, by carelessness, one or more bees are crushed. The bees are annoyed by all sorts of jerks and impetuous movements when handling them, knocking on the hive, shifting or tipping it, and also if you open the hive during a rain, thunderstorms, cold, etc. Irritated, the bees immediately go on the attack.

Such changes in the internal state of the family, like the change of the uterus, the drowning of drones, etc., make the bees also highly irritable.

The bees let a bee come from another hive to their beehive if it brings honey or perga, or makes wings while standing at the tap (“asks” for the beehive). Often a strange bee without an update or with an empty honey cindy awaits death if she persistently, without “asking”, to climb into the hive.

During a bribe, the bee, returning from the field and bearing prey, can be taken into any beehive. Therefore, if you want to attach any bees to another family, then first of all, they should be well fed or sprinkled with sugar syrup.

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Protection of the family and protection of the tap