Spring in the Apiary

Spring in the Apiary

With the advent of spring, beekeepers and bees are accepted for work.

For the first flight I put the bees out of the winter hut at a stable air temperature of 8-10 њ C and immediately open the tapholes. After a cleansing flight I insulate the nests. For diaphragms and from above I put cushions stuffed with cotton wool or moss.

On the day of the exhibition, the hives carefully observe the summer of each family. If the bees overwintered normally, then fly around them friendly. Wandering on the front wall of the hive speaks of ill-being. It can be a disease, absence of the uterus or weakness of the bees themselves. In these cases, I immediately examine the family and establish the cause of this behavior.

In the absence of food I give bees a top dressing – pre-heated honeycombs or sugar syrup.

I put the sick family in a clean hive on fresh honeycombs with benign food. I clean the old thoroughly, burn it with a blowtorch, wash it with an alkaline solution, and then with clean water and dry it in the sun. After such processing the hive is suitable for settling. Honeycomb peretaplivayu.

In the bezmatochnuyu family I place a spare uterus from the nucleus.

With unstable weather in April-May, I leave only the bottom tray open.

As soon as help to disadvantaged families is provided, I clean the donja in all hives or replace them with new ones. For good work of the uterus, fresh and abundant food is needed. Sometimes early in the spring the flowering of the honey trees is delayed. To make the bees illusion of a fresh bribe and thereby induce the uterus to lay eggs, I do so. Sugared honeycombs with honey, preserved until spring, I carry to the warm room the day before, I print out in several places, I moisten with water and put it in a hive. Such honey bees willingly choose from honeycomb cells.

In the first half of May I examine the nests, check the laying of eggs and the presence of food, determine the strength of families.

Weak families are those where bees cover 3-5 frames, medium – 6-8, strong – 9 or more. In the summer, the family is considered weak if it takes 6-7 frames.

In order to get commodity honey from each family, in the spring I sing out weak, but healthy, with a good mother’s womb into a special group and strengthen them with young bees or unite them.

Without such works in the apiary in spring, you can not prepare bee colonies for the main honey collector.

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Spring in the Apiary