Output of queen bees

To produce a small number of queens, the beekeeper, who has little experience in this direction, can use a very simple method. From a strong and productive family, the uterus and the open brood are

Double core hive

For several years I have been using a nucleus hive of my own design for the withdrawal of queens. It consists of a body 1 on a standard 435 X 300 mm nest frame, which

Instrumental insemination of queens

For beekeeping, it is simply necessary to identify, fix and breed the best genotypes in which the best signs of economically useful bees are fully present. That is, the newly-derived bees must be as productive

Labeling on the bee-hive

The application of labels to the bee is made in order to distinguish between the uterus by origin, individual lines and age. You can label the uterus in many ways. For this, multi-colored uterus is

Lack of uterus and honey

It is often possible to learn from literary sources and from practitioners that when selecting the queens during the main honey crop, this is negatively indicated on the ability and productivity of the bees. I

Quadruple nucleus

For the preservation of fetal queens during the season, I made from two-millimeter boards a two-walled insulated four-place nucleus hive. Inside it is divided by plywood partitions into eight compartments. Each includes two frames without

Withdrawal of uterus by Jenter’s cell

There are many types of bee marks output. Each beekeeper prefers this or that type of withdrawal depending on what he has a professional background, working conditions, and what he needs the number of queens.

Mass withdrawal of queens and collection of royal jelly

Now the demand for the queen increases significantly, so the mass withdrawal of queens becomes more and more popular, in which conventional beekeeping equipment is used, as well as nucleuses – small bee colonies in