Artificial insemination of the uterus

Artificial insemination of the uterus

Artificial insemination of the uterus in magazines of beekeepers rises quite rarely. There are too few people who want to know the details of this case, since they are completely convinced of the hopelessness, complexity and uselessness (the interest to this topic in the territory of Russia at the moment is quite large.).

During the conversation on this topic, the familiar beekeeper tried to simplify and generalize it, referring to many years of experience. There were times when artificial insemination of livestock in their village was very popular. The visiting specialist (when he appeared in the village, by the way, there were jokes and jokes and bearded jokes) famously fulfilled his duties, but the matter eventually came to naught – he could not stand competition with local thoroughbred, sleek and quite contented bulls.

The villagers made sure that the offspring from insemination naturally turned out to be more viable and productive. So it’s a beast, and what can I say about bee queens, where the technique of insemination is several times more complicated.

Talk about the unnaturalness, the complexity of the process, the vagueness of the goals are often confronted with ethical features expressed in terms of “rape”, “gross interference”, and “depriving the uterus of the last joy of life.” Hence follows an unambiguous conclusion – can we expect good after this?!

Informed supporters of artificial insemination indicate that the first effective experience in this direction was carried out as far back as 1925. However, since then neither scientists nor practical enthusiasts have been able to achieve any results.

Artificial insemination of queens (domestic production) is not on sale, there is no information on outstanding or exceptional qualities. On the contrary, there are talk about the fact that artificially inseminated uteri do not live long, often fly to forage, or the bees quietly clean them.

Then the question is – why all this? Speak, artificial insemination of the uterus is guaranteed to match the bee breed? But by whom and what is guaranteed? After all, are there really signs of equality between productivity and thoroughbredness? Is someone going to the ad “I change a thoroughbred carp to a productive mongrel”?

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Artificial insemination of the uterus