Double core hive

Double core hive

For several years I have been using a nucleus hive of my own design for the withdrawal of queens.

Double core hive

It consists of a body 1 on a standard 435 X 300 mm nest frame, which is divided into two compartments by an inset partition 2.

The latter freely enters the grooves 4, available in the front and rear walls of the housing. In each compartment fixed dividers for frames are fixed. There are separate ceilings with ventilation windows, closed mesh, and a podkryshnik (not shown in the figure), into which it is possible to lay a cushion cushion and feeders that is common in two compartments. The first branch has one, and the second one has two flanges on opposite walls. Flakes in the size 45и 8 mm are made on a cold drift.

The plug-in partition 2 is made of plywood 10 mm thick and has a window 200X200 mm, closed on both sides with a grid, with a 3-4 mm cell. Insert a liner of plywood 3 6 mm thick into the inter-grid space.

Thus, the septum becomes deaf and the bees of different departments do not communicate with each other. The hive is covered with a roof with a ventilation opening in it.

In each department I give a mature uterus or barren uterus and put a frame with a brood at the outlet, fodder and honey. I fill both branches with bees, using the usual methods.

To exclude the meeting of bees, the beehives are transferred to the country site. After installing them, I open the “a” and “c” tapholes. In case of successful flight of both queens and with the beginning of egg laying, the nucleus hives are taken to the apiary. If only one womb flies, the hive is set where the family will be permanently.

I open the “a” and “b” tapes so that the bees can fly in one direction. I take out the plywood liner 3, thus enabling the bees to constantly communicate in two compartments. The presence of a double mesh septum excludes their death from mutual stinging.

In five or six days I remove the blind partition completely. So I get a six-frame latch.

In the apiary I have four double nucleus hives, in which I get six to eight fetuses at a time.

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Double core hive