Labeling on the bee-hive

Labeling on the bee hive

The application of labels to the bee is made in order to distinguish between the uterus by origin, individual lines and age. You can label the uterus in many ways.

For this, multi-colored uterus is used. These labels are glued with glue on the dorsal shield, yellow and red. The color of these marks is determined by international rules. Each year the color of the labels changes. However, one definite must be used. For example, in 1982, only yellow, and in 1983 – red.

To put a mark on the uterus, you need to fix it with your thumb and index finger. Next, using a brush is applied to the dorsal shield of the uterus. Do not touch the head or wings of the bee. In order to facilitate the work, you can use a special mesh. Still it is possible to use a special ring with a grid for a labeling of bees.

With it, you can temporarily stop the movement of the uterus on the cell. And through the grid, mark the uterus with a marker or paint.

For labeling on the uterus, you can also use a colored foil or a rather tough but thin chlorovinyl film. Such marks should be made so that their inner part is slightly concave, and the shape of the uterine breast is repeated. Thus, such a label will fit tightly to it.

The shape of the marks can be any, but the diameter should not exceed 2.7 mm. Bond these labels with glue BF-2. This adhesive has the property of storing a drop and not dragging. In addition, it dries very quickly and seizes with chitin. Such marks are made using a punch, which is made of a metal rod, having an average diameter of 2.6 mm. Inside the stem there is an oval fossa.

If the production of queens is massive, it is better to use a special tool. For example, you can glue tags on the uterus with a simple device that is made of a foam pad and a mesh halfpack that has a diameter of about 9 mm. With the help of silk thread the net is made. The dimensions of the cells in this case should be about 5 mm so that the uterine bee can not penetrate through these cells. With this tool, you can fix the uterus in a certain position. After that, you can apply a drop of glue on the breast of the uterus and rub it a little, then a mark is applied.

The application of labels to the uterus does not cause any changes in its behavior and fertility rate.

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Labeling on the bee-hive