Output of queen bees

Output of queen bees

To produce a small number of queens, the beekeeper, who has little experience in this direction, can use a very simple method.

From a strong and productive family, the uterus and the open brood are removed for a while. It is temporarily placed in a small batch, which is produced in the process of the work that has begun. After the open brood is removed, the honeycomb is found, which contains the youngest larvae. As a rule, it is on it is the uterus.

After that, a sharp knife is heated and inside the honeycomb, where there is no wire, a horizontal window is cut, having a height of about 5 cm. Thus, only the youngest larvae that have just emerged from the eggs remain on the upper edge of the honeycomb.

The larva, which is one day old, is at the bottom of the trekking cell on a curved sickle. The size of such a larva is about 1 mm. To ensure that the uterus is not too tightly planted, the lower row of the remaining cells should be pruned to half the height. And after that, with the help of a match, every two of the three larvae that are located next to each other are thrown out.

The cells with the remaining larvae expand with a rounded end of the rod with a diameter of up to a millimeter. However, this should be done very carefully, so as not to touch the larva.

After that, the ready frame is placed in the center of the nest of a bezmatovochnoy family. Bees that do not have a uterus are placed on the cells of queen cells. In order to improve the quality of future queens and increase the likelihood of laying queen cells during the brood very shorten.

To help this, instead of removing the frames, do not put new frames and do not select bees from this family. In ideal conditions, the population of the inmate family will be at least twice as high as in ordinary conditions.

For the removal of the uterus, one or two frames with brood from this family are needed. Bees are needed from another family. Other brood frames are transferred to the following families.

It is very important to control the process of closing the queen cells. The queen cells, sealed up to the fourth day after the selection of the uterus, should be removed. They were laid by bees on larvae that are older than a day, and from them the uterus will turn out to be substandard. Quality will be only those queen cells, which the bees laid on young larvae, whose age is a maximum of 24 hours. Such queen bee mothers are closed only on the 4th-5th day.

In this way it is possible to remove substandard queen cells in any way of their withdrawal.

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Output of queen bees