Shower on the nomad

During the migrations most of the work of the beekeeper must be performed in hot weather. And no matter how easy his clothes are, there is still a secretion of sweat, which excites and angers

Adaptation for feeding

In order to not cool the bee families during the spring feeding, from the autumn among other ceiling boards I put one special. In this board 1, window 4 is made with an area of

How to make a drilling machine for drilling frames into a hive

When framing frames and equipping them with wire, the side strips are often split, so many beekeepers pre-drill holes in them. I offer readers a simple and convenient machine of their own design. It consists

Collapsible beekeeper’s house

Diagram of a collapsible beekeeper’s house: A is a general view; b – front wall: 1 – folding table; 2 – a window on the turntable; c and d – side walls: 1 – shield-bed;

Once again about the flights

The “Dictionary-Directory of the Beekeeper” contains the basic rules for regulating the width of the tap, depending on the season, the weather conditions, the strength of families, etc., which are as follows. After flying around

Pavilion for bees in the attic of the house

In the pavilion it is convenient to work with bees in any weather. In the spring, the family is protected from frosts, and in the summer – from overheating. In it, bees successfully hibernate and

Convenient roevnya

The loss of a swarm results in a shortage of honey and honeycombs in the apiary. To prevent its exit, use self-made rouletteers of different designs. The proposed site allows you to combine several operations:

Water Wax-Up

I bring to the readers’ attention a water wax-furnace of my own design. It consists of an enamel tank 1 with a capacity of 20 liters, manufactured by the industry for household needs (height –

How to cut foam

Good sound insulation properties are foam plastic OPBS-35, which is available. When using it, it is convenient to cut through the thickness into two plates of 49.5 mm; three for 32.5 mm; on four and

Platform for a trailer to a car

A significant part of beekeepers during the active bee season roam with a small apiary, carrying it on a trailer to a car. If in the area where the apiary stands, the members of the