Harvesting, storage and use of honey combs

Prepare winter-spring honey reserves should be in the form of full honey combs with sealed cells. Honey in the sealed cells is easier to store, since it is isolated from the surrounding air. In unsealed

Procurement, storage and use of honeycomb with perga

The bees primarily consume freshly introduced pollen. But if it is not enough or the shoulders can not make it because of the bad weather, or there are no flowering pollen plants, they consume the

Need of a bee family in the stern

When organizing a beekeeping farm, it is necessary to be able to calculate how many bee colonies can be kept under given specific conditions or what honeybase should be created for the required number of

Schemes of pollen catchers

Receiving pollen from plants or pergs from honeycombs is a very laborious process. You can get the pollen already collected by bees, by selecting their updates from the tap when returning to the hive. Practical

Saccharum dough

On large apiaries, sucrose dough (kandi) is used successfully for feeding bees in the spring. Top dressing has a number of advantages in comparison with the feeding of sugar syrup. There is no time-consuming work

How to cook apple cider vinegar

Every beekeeper knows that the sugar syrup has a neutral reaction, and when the bees carry it to the honeycomb, it already gets acidic. Therefore, for normal and healthy life of the insect organism, the

Collection of padi and honey dew

In addition to nectar, which is allocated by flowering and non-flowered nectaries, bees, under certain conditions, collect and carry in the hives a sweet liquid appearing on the leaves of certain plant species. Sometimes isolated

Preparation of artificial feed

When feeding bees to sugar syrup, they process it, fold it into honeycomb cells and seal with wax lids, while bees wear heavily. To avoid this and provide the bee family with food, they prepare

Chemical composition of honey

Bees are adapted to highly specialized food. From nectar and pollen, they receive all the substances they need to reproduce, grow, develop and perform numerous works. Honey is a product of bee processing of plant

Hive feeders

Of all the variety of feeders proposed and described in the literature for bees, we will focus only on those that meet the requirements to the greatest extent. A wooden feeder placed above the frame