Preparation of artificial feed

Preparation of artificial feed

When feeding bees to sugar syrup, they process it, fold it into honeycomb cells and seal with wax lids, while bees wear heavily. To avoid this and provide the bee family with food, they prepare an artificial feed, which in composition corresponds to the feed obtained after bees processing sugar syrup.

When preparing artificial feed for bees, 77% of sugar, 23% of water is used. To the mixture, 8-10% of flower honey is added as a source of enzymes.

The mixture is kept at a temperature of 35-40 њ C for 10-12 days, thoroughly mixing twice daily. During this time, the transformation of sucrose into mono-sugars occurs under the influence of honey enzymes.

The artificial food for bees prepared in this way is poured into honeycombs, which are sealed, briefly immersed in molten wax or sprayed with wax on them, and put into the nest of bees. This is the fodder reserve of the family for the winter period.

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Томатный сок с медом.
Preparation of artificial feed